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Pushing the envelope

Breaking into every sphere of life, geospatial technologies are really pushing the envelope of applications. That geospatial technology is a part of IT is a given, but it is surprising to see that core IT has yet to embrace the technology. But why IT alone; it is helping villagers to claim their traditional land rights in Malaysia; helping to track persons suffering from dementia in Taiwan; connecting citizens to the management of a megalopolis like Beijing; turning a boring air travel into an exciting journey of discovery and even turning every soldier into a Geoint expert. In all these we see the core; the focus is on the individual. This is really the way forward for geospatial apps. The old paradigm that this technology was for engineers and soldiers and therefore, by default is for the government and big corporations is dead.

Prof Arup Dasgupta

 Top Stories

IT companies yet to tap power of mapping tech: Google
“Nearly three-fourths of IT decision makers are failing to make effective use of mapping technology in their businesses. Companies are not tapping the potential of location-based services,” observed Sanjay Patel, head of enterprise...
Malaysian villagers learn surveying to claim land rights
The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) encouraged Bidayuh villagers to document their native customary rights (NCR) over lands themselves, without the help of government. To facilitate this ‘self survey’, the DBNA provided training to villagers...
SAC India appoints Kiran Kumar as Director
A.S. Kiran Kumar, Associate Director, Space Applications Centre (SAC), India, took over as its Director. He succeeded R.R. Navalgund. The SAC is an important facility under the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)...

 Global Headlines


ICIMOD gets satellite-based forest fire monitoring system
S Korea reclaims land through antique maps
Beijing launches city management app
Dementia group urges Taiwan govt to subsidise GPS devices


Nigeria needs new topographic map: Surveyor General
Japan funds Ghana's forest preservation scheme
Community conserved areas of Kenya mapped
Ethiopia to tap mining potential with Chinese aid


CRCSI funds New Zealand geospatial research projects


NGA to get significant transformation in next five years
USGS maps grassland using remote sensing data
Majority of Americans use LBS despite privacy concerns: ISACA
Google Maps uses reCAPTCHA tech to get rid of spam
NASA gets Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar from JAXA
Farmers can meet growing food demand using GIS: Esri
Harvard students develop water footprint map


Antarctic's blue ice region rising: ESA
British children lack geography skills: Study
Hidden Journeys Project promotes geography
Map spreads awareness about judicial rights violations

Business, Appointments and Acquisitions

Teledyne increases ownership stake in Optech to 51 pc
GIS market in utility segment to touch USD 3.7 bn: Pike Research

New Products, Updates and Releases

Reznick Group launches tax credit map for US states
Socrata Mondara simplifies online map creation

Education, Training and Events

G- tech the tool to accelerate Middle East’s growth: Forum
Geoinfo critical for sociopolitical issues: DVW President
Forum advocates enhanced use of geospatial tech


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  Laser eyes carbon storage


GIS aiding advertisement planning
Anson C J
Research scholar
Cochin University of Science and Technology, India
Management decisions are highly depended with vision and mission of the organisation but there are decisions like segmentation, targeting and positioning; sometimes they have some common code of practice. In certain cases the firms are using the following method and in certain cases they adopt the decisions of rival firms in order to get the attention...

 Blog Buster

A "good enough" IT solution
The often-quoted example of a “good enough” solution is the almost wholesale adoption of Google Maps as a citizen-facing geographical information system (GIS) in government...
Rise of GPS Interference Raises Concerns for NextGen
Today, most of us would probably rate cellphones, ATMs and the Internet as the three most useful modern gadgets we use regularly. We likely wouldn’t rank GPS up there, and maybe not even...
Laying the Groundwork for a Stable and Sustainable Space Environment
Financial markets, power grids, and wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcast industries all use GPS satellites for precise timing, and ships, planes, automobiles, and individual people use them for navigation. Meteorological satellites provide...


20th GIS Research UK conference
Lancaster, UK
11 - 13 April 2012

CalGIS: 18th California GIS Conference
Sacramento, US
11 - 13 April 2012

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