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Indian State maps inhabited areas in 123 villages in Ecologically Sensitive Areas

Published Date : 14 March 2014

Kerala: Kerala State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre (KSRSEC), India, has informed media that the process of demarcating inhabited areas in the 123 villages, which are Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESAs) as per the Kasturirangan draft report, is halfway through.

The State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre is demarcating houses and farm lands using the GIS. Scientists and technical experts of the State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre are demarcating houses, other buildings, farm lands and plantations in 123 villages in 12 districts which have been included in the ESAs as per the Kasturirangan report. Map of eight villages in a taluk in Kollam has been completed and it is available at KSRSEC’s official website. The mapping of another 15 villages is in the final stage.

Source: manoramaonline.com

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