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Acknowledge interdependencies
A series of bilateral agreements is indicating a renewal in the commitment of leading nations at the highest level to geospatial technology...
Geospatially enabled Indian Smart Cities
A vision of smarter India - Smart cities and geospatial...
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    • Provision of Photogrammetric Flight Monitoring of the Urban Area of Municipalities
    • Risk management digital platform and application system for risk management in Djibouti
    • Development and Upding GIS for Monitoring of road projects
    • Supply of Gps 9312a
    • Update of cadastral data for Nkomazi and Bushbuckridge municipalities

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SkySat-2: First images

Skybox has released the first images taken from SkySat-2. The images captured are of Bangor, Maine and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. These images were captured within 48 hours of the launch of SkySat-2 on July 8, 2014. The images are not yet calibrated or tuned.

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